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Setting the Standard for Water System Management and Backflow Prevention Solutions

Backflow Prevention
and Utility Management in Arizona & New Mexico

Trusted Water Management Expert

At White Mountain Backflow, we are more than just your local backflow expert.

We proudly help small rural community and private systems with consulting, troubleshooting, maintenance, and treatment optimization.

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to delivering comprehensive water & wastewater services across the beautiful White Mountains of Northeastern Arizona and into New Mexico. With a passion for providing unmatched customer service, excellence, and professionalism, we take pride in what we do.

Our credentials, which include licenses in plumbing, backflow prevention, wastewater treatment, wastewater collections, water distribution, water treatment and more, testify to our dedication and expertise.

Licensed Contractors Build Confidence


Wastewater Collections System Operator Grade IV

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade IV

Water Distribution System Operator Grade IV

Water Treatment System Operator Grade IV


Specialized Backflow, Water, and Wastewater Services

We’re Ready to Help!

Backflow Prevention Testing, Inspections, & Repair

Protect your commercial or residential water supply with our certified backflow prevention solutions.


We offer annual testing of your backflow device and are available for backflow preventer repairs, ensuring the ongoing safety of your water system. Backflow preventers should be inspected upon initial installation, after repairs, if the assembly is moved, or at least once annually. Regular maintenance and inspection of backflow preventers provide the highest level of protection for your home and business and contribute to the safety of the community water supply.


From water contamination testing to water treatment plant management and contract operator services; we can provide water service, distribution system, and retention solutions.


Before winter strikes, we’ll prepare your home or commercial building. We'll blow out pipes and outfit your system with proper freeze-prevention enclosures to keep you worry-free. Have you discovered an issue? We can also help correct any freeze damage and set a way forward so damages don't occur again.


We also offer unique solutions for safeguarding backflow preventers. These protective covers insulate and secure your backflow assembly, protecting it from the elements and tampering.

Well Water

Ensure the quality and safety of your well water to meet lender requirements; we provide comprehensive well water testing services to give you peace of mind about your water quality.


With over 15 years in the industry, you can trust White Mountain Backflow for your wastewater analysis, collections, and contract wastewater treatment plant operations.

System Consulting

Having trouble with your drinking water or wastewater system? Is your wastewater treatment process not cooperating? Need water or wastewater operator training? Having trouble with Self Monitoring Reporting Forms (SMRF) or Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR)? White Mountain Backflow is here for all of your consulting needs.


We're here 24/7 for those unexpected backflow, contaminated water treatment, and wastewater management emergencies, ready to provide quick solutions.

System Consulting
Freeze Prevention

Have Backflow Prevention Needs in Arizona or New Mexico?
Need Water or Wastewater Treatment Consulting?

Experience Unmatched Quality, Commitment, and Expertise in Every Job



Timely Results

We understand the urgency of water management and backflow prevention assembly issues. You can count on us to work for prompt and efficient solutions.



Certified Professionals

You can trust that our host of backflow prevention & environmental quality licenses will ensure strict regulatory compliance and professional service.



Local Experts

Locally owned and operated; we are deeply invested in public health and public utility requirements for your well-being and the success of your water management projects.



Water Experts

In addition to backflow prevention, we specialize in all things water and wastewater, promoting healthier, cleaner utilities for everyone.



Honest Pricing

We believe in transparent and fair pricing, ensuring you receive the best value for your water management needs.

Bringing Top-Quality Water Management Services to the White Mountains and Beyond

Eagar, AZ   |   Heber, AZ   |  Holbrook, AZ   |   Overgaard, AZ   |   Pinetop, AZ   |   Show Low, AZ   |   Snowflake, AZ

Springerville, AZ   |   St Johns, AZ   |  Taylor, AZ   |   Whiteriver, AZ   |   Winslow, AZ   |   and more!

Are you in New Mexico or Arizona and don’t see your service area listed here? Give us a call at (928) 224-8417 and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help.


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Ready for help with your backflow prevention device or water management project?

Contact us today, serving Northeastern Arizona and Western New Mexico.

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Snowflake, AZ

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