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Water Treatment & System Consulting 

Welcome to White Mountain Backflow, where expertise meets innovation in water treatment and system consulting. Our commitment extends beyond traditional backflow prevention, ensuring the integrity and quality of your water supply. Explore how we can help with your water treatment system.

Water Treatment + Wastewater Treatment Analysis, Testing, & System Consulting

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is a comprehensive process designed to improve the quality of water for various purposes, ensuring it meets regulatory standards and is safe for consumption, industrial use, or environmental discharge.

Water Treatment Services

With a comprehensive skill set, Jeff leads White Mountain Backflow in ensuring water quality, handling public works projects, and addressing contaminants in raw water sources. Choose White Mountain Backflow for certified excellence in water and wastewater management.

Inspections, Audits & Diagnostics

Our experts conduct thorough inspections and audits, utilizing advanced diagnostics to identify potential issues in your water system.

Water System Management & Consulting

From routine maintenance to strategic planning, our system management services optimize the performance of your water treatment infrastructure.

System Operator Training

Empower your team with specialized system operator training, ensuring efficient and compliant water management.

Analysis and Reporting

Gain insights into your water quality with our detailed analysis and water quality report services, providing actionable data for informed decision-making.

Licensed Contractors Build Confidence


Wastewater Collections System Operator Grade IV

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Grade IV

Water Distribution System Operator Grade IV

Water Treatment System Operator Grade IV

Household Drinking Water Treatment vs Community Water Treatment

Understanding these differences allows us to offer customized solutions, whether you're a homeowner seeking pure safe drinking water or a community ensuring a safe water supply for all.


Household Water Treatment

Common Household Water Treatment Systems

Water Purification Systems:

  • Purpose: Removes impurities and contaminants through filtration.

  • Types: Carbon filters, sediment filters, and reverse osmosis.

Water Softeners:

  • Purpose: Reduces hardness caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium.

  • Types: Ion exchange softeners, salt-free softeners.

Disinfection Systems:

  • Purpose: Kills or neutralizes harmful microorganisms.

  • Types: UV sterilizers, chlorine disinfection.

Considerations for Household Water Treatment

Volume and Flow Rate​: Household systems cater to lower water volumes compared to community systems.

Customization: Tailoring solutions to specific concerns, such as taste, odor, or hardness.

Industrial and Community Water Treatment Plant Examples

Municipal Water Treatment Plant:

  • Scale: Serving large populations.

  • Processes: Coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection.

Industrial Water Treatment:

  • Scale: Varied, depending on industrial needs.

  • Processes: Depending on industry—common processes include chemical treatment, sedimentation, and advanced filtration.

Differing Water Treatment Needs

Scale and Complexity: Community systems handle larger volumes and complexities, requiring advanced treatment processes and infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance: Community water treatment adheres to stringent regulations due to the scale and public health implications.

Varied Water Sources: Communities often draw water from diverse sources, necessitating versatile treatment approaches.


Community Water Treatment

The Water Treatment Process Explained

Understanding the water treatment process is key to ensuring safe and reliable water. We’ll guide you through the journey from source to tap, explaining the steps involved in purifying and distributing water.

Image by brayan garcia


In this stage, chemicals are added to water to facilitate the clumping together of tiny particles suspended in water. These clumps, known as floc, are easier to remove in subsequent stages.

By following industry standards, the processes summarized above and by the Center for Disease Control on Water Treatment, we at White Mountain Backflow ensure that our water treatment processes meet or exceed recommended safety measures.


Wastewater Treatment & System Consulting

What is wastewater?

Water treatment focuses on purifying fresh water for consumption and specific uses, while wastewater treatment cleans used or contaminated water before safe discharge or reuse. Both processes are essential for ensuring water safety, environmental protection, and sustainable water management.

Wastewater Treatment Services

Wastewater System Operation and Optimization

Daily monitoring, operation, and optimization of wastewater treatment systems for peak efficiency.

Compliance Management

Monitoring effluent quality, data collection, and regulatory compliance reporting.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and troubleshooting to ensure smooth system functioning.

Consultation and Planning

Expert guidance on system upgrades, expansion planning, and compliance assistance.


Why Treat Wastewater

Unlocking Environmental and Economic Benefits

Wastewater treatment is a crucial step towards environmental sustainability and economic vitality

Environmental Preservation

Protects water resources, prevents soil contamination, & mitigates health risks

Economic Viability

Allows for resource recovery, reduces environmental impact, & even provides biogas renewable energy sources

Community & Global Impact

Aligns with sustainable development, & contributes to global water conservation efforts

Treating wastewater is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a proactive commitment to environmental stewardship and a strategic investment in a sustainable and resilient future. We collectively contribute to a healthier thriving community.


Ready for help with your water treatment or wastewater management? Trust White Mountain Backflow, your partner in ensuring water quality, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Contact us today for solutions tailored to your needs – clean water is our commitment to you.

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