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Our mission is to safeguard communities through expert backflow prevention, ensuring reliable and safe water and wastewater systems. Partner with us to fortify the foundations of your community.

We’re White Mountain Backflow, where expertise meets community commitment. Founded by Jeff, a seasoned professional with a rich background in water and wastewater systems, our company emerged from a desire to give back to the very communities that have shaped our careers.

We are water and wastewater experts empowering communities with backflow prevention and water management services

Meet Us

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Jeff's journey began with the City of Show Low, where he gained water analysis and system repair skills. With over 15 years experience through subsequent roles at the Town of Taylor, City of Mesa, and most recently at Tucson Electric Power Co as the Environmental Coordinator, Jeff's extensive experience laid the foundation for White Mountain Backflow.

Driven by a passion for community service, Jeff, and his wife and business partner, Kristin, established White Mountain Backflow with a dual focus on expertise and exceptional client satisfaction. Jeff's technical know-how, certified plumbing contractor status, and operator certifications from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and New Mexico Environment Department make him a trusted authority in the field.

Kristin, with 16 years of experience in medical billing, seamlessly joined forces with Jeff to create a husband-and-wife-run business. Their partnership is not just about business; it's about genuine connections. From the moment they show up on time to the timely completion of projects, communication and reliability are at the forefront of their values.


What Sets Us Apart

What sets White Mountain Backflow apart is not just technical proficiency but the genuine connections formed with clients. As a husband-and-wife team, they have successfully blended their professional skills and personal commitment to create a unique synergy.

One source of pride for White Mountain Backflow is its ability to provide consulting for local communities. Jeff's in-depth knowledge gained from conferences and his four-generation connection to the White Mountains enable the company to offer unparalleled technical assistance and value to smaller communities lacking in-house resources.

The White Mountains Are Home

Rooted in Taylor, Snowflake, Show Low, AZ, and with Jeff being a 4th generation local, the White Mountains are more than just a service area; they are home. The genuine connections formed with clients, coupled with technical excellence, define White Mountain Backflow's approach.

As a certified plumbing contractor for both residential and commercial applications, Jeff's certifications from regulatory bodies showcase the commitment to industry standards. White Mountain Backflow takes pride in its journey, from community roots to becoming a trusted partner for backflow prevention services. Join us in safeguarding our communities – where expertise meets genuine connections, White Mountain Backflow stands tall.


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